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          Synergistic Real Estate Management & Network Pte . Ltd .

          SRE-Synergistic Real Estate Management & Network Pte . Ltd . (SRE) is a retail and mixed–use commercial property development,investment and management consultant. We act as development consultant & asset manager.Well known for our good track record, providing value–adding solutions and services with professionalism . We adopt a performance–based approach to our management of our work .

          Expert in turning around of poor performance or failure projects or repositioning projects to enhance its earning potential . We also do integrated Township development and commercial planning . We adopt the latest smart technologies , green materials ,green design and state of the art technology in our integrated township real estate projects .Executive Directors of SRE and teams have accumulated more than 30 years of real estate development experience in over 100 cities of more than 10 countries in the Asia – Pacific region. So far, SRE teams have done over 15 million square meters of retail and mixed–use planning and consultancy work. SRE’s core teams are able to provide comprehensive retail and mixed used real estate solutions through its well-trained team in Asia ,with its successful track record.
          Some of SRE’s Executive Directors successful achievement include: Marina Center (Singapore), Junction 8 (Singapore), Plaza Singapore (Singapore), Gurney Plaza (Malaysia), Great Eastern Mall (Malaysia), Avenue K (Malaysia), KL Gateway (Malaysia); In- City ( Suzhou , Hefei , Hangzhou ,Changsa , China ) Kai Yuan Mediterranean Mall (Shanghai, China), Raffles City (Shanghai, China), Kerry Parkside(Pudong Shanghai, China), People Parade (Wuhan, China), The Exchange Mall (Tianjin, China), Vanke City (Jilin, Shanghai,China), Dalian Roosevelt Tianxin mega Mall (Dalian ,China) ,Tai Mall (Taiwan) and etc. SRE’s network extends globally, from retailers, real estate developers, real estate funds, real estate investment trusts to real estate investors.

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          Adress:Room 1201, Shanghai culture commercial building, Huangpu District, Shanghai Tel:021-63589911 Zip:Kelvin@sre.net.cn